[ISN] Keeping Mobile Security A Priority in Connected Networks

http://healthitsecurity.com/news/keeping-mobile-security-a-priority-in-connected-networks By Elizabeth Snell healthitsecurity.com August 20, 2015 As more healthcare organizations implement and use connected devices, it is essential that they have comprehensive mobile security measures in place. No covered entity wants to experience a data breach, especially one that could have been prevented through proper mobile security policies. > From a mobility perspective, there are a number of different challenges, according to Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) fellow Michael McNeil. Everything is extremely connected, he said in an interview with HealthITSecurity.com, and there are many traditional areas of focus that have been affected by that change. “What used to be a stationary or contained type of a device or tool that would be used, now has mobility attached to it,” said McNeil, who is also the global product security and services officer for Phillips Healthcare. “Because of the mobility and its interconnections, the integrity of that data and the accuracy of the information could be at risk.” McNeil added that another tremendous focus point for healthcare organizations is ensuring that they are in alignment with the appropriate legal and regulatory efforts. […]