[ISN] How China has cyber-stumped the US and why Israel could be next

http://www.jpost.com/International/Rule-of-Law-How-China-has-cyber-stumped-the-US-and-why-Israel-could-be-next-412100 By YONAH JEREMY BOB Jerusalem Post 08/14/2015 Each revelation is more shocking than the previous one. This week a US intelligence official leaked to NBC News that China has been successfully hacking top US government officials’ email accounts since 2010 in a cyber campaign known as “Dancing Panda.” Just over a week ago, a stunning map was revealed showing 600 successful Chinese cyber attacks against US targets traced by the US National Security Agency in recent years. Over a month ago, 20 million Americans’ personal information, mostly that of government employees, was hacked from the US’s Office of Personnel Management. Roughly speaking, in response so far the US has done nothing. Why has there been no response, other than recent periodic revelations from US officials about how bad China is battering them in the cybersphere? And how could all of this trickle down to Israel next? First, back to the US. […]