[ISN] What Was This Texas Congressman Doing at the Hacking Conference Def Con?

http://motherboard.vice.com/read/what-was-this-texas-congressman-doing-at-the-hacking-conference-def-con By Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai Staff Writer motherboard.vice.com August 11, 2015 Among the almost 20,000 people who went to this years’ Def Con—perhaps the world’s premiere hacking conference—were hackers, cybersecurity professionals, lawyers, activists, and also an unexpected guest: the former CIA agent turned Republican Congressman Will Hurd. You don’t see many politicians at Def Con. In fact, Hurd might very well be the first one who’s ever took the trip to the desert in Las Vegas for the conference just to attend. But in reality, it makes sense for Hurd to go to Def Con. Before being elected as the representative of Texas’ 23rd congressional district, Hurd was a partner at the small cybersecurity firm FusionX, and he graduated in computer science from A&M. When he took office earlier this year, he brought his technical background to his new job. He organized the first congressional hearing on encryption, and what the FBI calls as the “going dark” issue, an hypothetical scenario where unbreakable encryption is so pervasive that agents don’t have access to relevant data during investigations. […]