[ISN] Oracle yanks blog post critical of security vendors, customers

http://www.computerworld.com/article/2969378/security/oracle-yanks-blog-post-critical-of-security-vendors-customers.html By Joab Jackson IDG News Service Aug 11, 2015 Oracle published, then quickly deleted, a blog post criticizing third-party security consultants and the enterprise customers who use them. Authored by Oracle chief security officer Mary Ann Davidson, the post sharply admonished enterprise customers for reverse engineering, or hiring consultants to reverse engineer, the company’s proprietary software, with the aim of finding as of yet unfixed security vulnerabilities. The missive, entitled “No, You Really Can’t,” was issued Monday on Davidson’s corporate blog, then pulled a few hours later. The Internet Archive captured a copy of the post. “We removed the post as it does not reflect our beliefs or our relationship with our customers,” wrote Edward Screven, Oracle executive vice president and chief corporate architect, in a statement emailed Tuesday. […]