[ISN] At Black Hat, Hottest Cyber Product Didn’t Have a Booth

http://blogs.cfr.org/cyber/2015/08/10/at-black-hat-hottest-cyber-product-didnt-have-a-booth/ By Robert Knake Council on Foreign Relations August 10, 2015 Ah, Vegas in August. 100-degree heat, pool parties, and thousands upon thousands of hackers. Every summer the cybersecurity world takes over Sin City for a week. Black Hat, growing ever more corporate and responsible, is paid for on expense accounts. DEF CON? Well DEF CON is paid with cash at the door. I spent a week out there meeting with new technology companies, talking to chief information security officers (CISOs) about their challenges, and getting schooled in the art of network forensics by the good folks who run Packet Detective. Looking back on the week, there was one dominant theme: the need for more skilled professionals in the field. After a day of hearing pitches from startups I asked the CISO of a popular streaming service what he was shopping for. He answered in one word: “people.” He then asked me what I did and then just as quickly turned his attention on a security operations center analyst at a major credit card company (turns out cyber policy wonks are not in short supply). The hottest party of the week wasn’t hosted by FireEye or Palo Alto Networks. It was hosted by Nike (see photo above). No, Nike isn’t slapping its famous swoosh on network security gear. If you want to get an idea of how desperate companies are, a maker of athletic apparel now throws parties at Mandalay Bay to recruit cyber talent. […]