[ISN] There’s no code of ethics to govern digital forensics – and we need one

https://theconversation.com/theres-no-code-of-ethics-to-govern-digital-forensics-and-we-need-one-45755 By John J Sloan, III The Conversation August 10, 2015 Let me begin with a disclaimer: I am neither a digital forensics practitioner nor do I play one on television. I am, however, a professor in, and former chair of, an academic department at a research university that houses a graduate program in computer (digital) forensics I helped design. In 2011, I cofounded a computer forensics research center at my university. Finally, for more than 10 years, I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses on professional ethics for criminal justice and digital forensics students. These experiences helped me to identify a glaring issue in the field of digital forensics: a lack of professional and ethical standards governing practitioners. And as digital forensics gains prominence in the legal landscape, the lack of agreed-upon standards is a big problem. What is digital forensics? Digital or computer forensics involves the identification, recovery, analysis and presentation in court of relevant information taken from electronic devices such as computers and cellphones. […]