[ISN] Imploding Barrels and Other Highlights From Hackfest DefCon

http://www.wired.com/2015/08/highlights-from-defcon-2015/ By Kim Zetter Security Wired.com 08.10.15 VISITING LAS VEGAS can feel a bit like being a metal sphere in a pinball machine — you’re tossed from bright lights to blaring shows and back again until you eventually (hopefully) emerge out a hole at your home airport. When you visit Vegas with a swarm of hackers and security researchers, the dizziness gets amped up tenfold and can be laced with a dose of dark mischief. This year marked the 23rd DefCon, the hacker conference that began as an informal gathering for hackers to meet in person and party in the desert. Since its beginning, it has grown from fewer than 100 attendees to reportedly more than 20,000 all of them jammed into two hotels this year—Paris and Ballys—to learn the latest hacks and swap techniques. WIRED covered a number of talks from the conference over the last two weeks—including hacks of Chrysler Jeeps and Teslas, electronic skateboards, sniper rifles and Brinks safes. But as this year’s event draws to a close, here’s a compendium of some of the con’s other highlights: […]