[ISN] BlackHat 2015: Industrial hacking: the untold story

http://www.computerweekly.com/news/4500251365/BlackHat-2015-Industrial-hacking-the-untold-story By Warwick Ashford Security Editor ComputerWeekly.com 10 Aug 2015 Hacking of industrial plants for extortion is one of the biggest untold stories because such attacks are seldom reported, according to Marina Krotofil, a researcher at Hamburg University of Technology. Hackers have been penetrating industrial control systems of utility companies on a large scale for extortion since at least 2006, she told visitors to BlackHat USA 2015 security conference in Las Vegas. “Yet, almost 10 years later, we still know almost nothing about how the attackers are doing that because targeted companies are unwilling to make any information available,” she said. Most of the attacks on operational technologies in the past 20 years have not been reported, which means exactly how attackers interact with industrial control systems remains unknown. […]