[ISN] Smartwatches a new frontier for cyber attack, HP study shows

http://www.computerweekly.com/news/4500250398/Smartwatches-a-new-frontier-for-cyber-attack-HP-study-shows By Warwick Ashford Security Editor ComputerWeekly.com 23 Jul 2015 Smartwatches with network and communication functionality represent a new and open frontier for cyber attack, according to a study by HP Fortify. The study revealed that 100% of the tested smartwatches contained significant vulnerabilities, including insufficient authentication, lack of encryption and privacy concerns. The study report entitled Internet of things security study: Smartwatches makes recommendations for secure smartwatch development and use in home and work environments. As the internet of things (IoT) market advances and smartwatches become more mainstream, they will increasingly store more sensitive information, such as health data, the report said. […]