[ISN] ‘Plague Scanner’ controls multiple AV engines, for $0.00

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/07/27/plague_scanner_box_offers_invisibility_cloak_to_white_hats_vxers/ By Darren Pauli The Register 27 Jul 2015 Security researcher Robert Simmons has released a tool that offers a new level of stealth to the malware cat-and-mouse skirmish by shrouding binary analysis. “Plague Scanner” is a free on-premise anti-virus framework – a class of tool that drives multiple anti-virus scanners at once – and is the only free alternative to commercial frameworks or online systems. It can help businesses to analyse malware containing potentially sensitive corporate information, or black hats to test their wares without exposing either to traditional public web services like VirusTotal. Simmons (@MalwareUtkonos) says the only commercial on-premise multiple antivirus scanners worth their salt are hugely expensive and out of the range of small to medium businesses, independent researchers, and probably black hats. […]