[ISN] A primer on dealing with the media as a hacker, and dealing with hackers as the media

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2952395/security-awareness/a-primer-on-dealing-with-the-media-as-a-hacker-and-dealing-with-hackers-as-the-media.html By Steve Ragan Salted Hash CSO July 23, 2015 Next month, thousands of hackers will travel to Las Vegas, and hundreds of journalists are going follow them. The adversarial relationship between hackers and the press has existed for years, but there are ways to navigate the playing field and strike a balance The idea for this post came from two places; Twitter and a blog post by Violet Blue over at Rapid7. The Rapid7 post has a lot of great advice for Black Hat and dealing with the media on a corporate level. It’s a smart post, and it’s something you should read either before or after reading this article. I’d also like to point out two additional sources from Uli Ries and The Grugq. For the hackers: Not everyone in the media is your enemy, but – and be real clear about this – they’re not your friends either. They’re working stiffs, and like you they have a job with demands, unique pressures, and stress. For you, hacking is a way of life – it’s who you are. That mindset is the same for journalists. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with having friends in the media, in fact it’s helpful at times, but there needs to be a level of trust that exists in that relationship and trust is earned – even among friends. […]