[ISN] United Airlines Pays Man a Million Miles for Reporting Bug

http://www.wired.com/2015/07/united-airlines-pays-man-million-miles-reporting-bug/ By Kim Zetter Security Wired.com July 15, 2015 TWO MONTHS AFTER United Airlines launched a bug-bounty program to reward researchers who report flaws in the company’s web site and apps, a researcher has received 1 million air miles in the first reward given. After submitting information to United about a remote-code execution flaw in the airline’s web site, Jordan Wiens was awarded his mileage last week. It was the first time Wiens, owner of the Florida-based security firm Vector 35, had submitted to a bug-bounty program. United is the first airline to launch a bug bounty program. The company announced the program in May, after receiving harsh criticism for banning a security researcher from one of its flights. […]