[ISN] Hacker Drama Mr. Robot Is Scary, Paranoia-Inducing, and Awesome

http://gizmodo.com/hacker-drama-mr-robot-is-scary-paranoia-inducing-and-1713408001 By Bryan Lufkin Gizmodo June 24, 2015 If you could hack into an evil corporation’s bank account and shuffle its wealth to the 99%, would you? That’s the Anonymous-era quandary a young, brilliant hacker grapples with in the new USA drama, Mr. Robot, which premiers tonight at 10 p.m. I got a chance to hang out with the cast as they were filming in New York. The pilot’s been up on YouTube for a few weeks now, though—something unusual and refreshing for a cable show—and if you haven’t watched yet, watch. Here’s the gist: Main character Elliot (Rami Malek) is an antisocial computer genius who works at a cybersecurity firm that protects a sinister, Enron-like megacorp. But he moonlights as a vigilante hacker, busting scum like kiddie porn wranglers for fun. One day, he’s drafted by an underground hacker group that’s led by Mr. Robot, played by a scruffy Christian Slater. He asks Elliot to help him unleash cyber doom on Elliot’s uber-rich client in a digital Robin Hood-like raid of history book proportions. Talking to the cast, it sounds like prepping for their hacker roles scared the crap out of them. They talked about putting tape over their laptop webcams, paranoid that someone could hack into it to look at and listen to them. […]