[ISN] Evident.io encourages startups to boost AWS security

http://www.cloudpro.co.uk/cloud-essentials/cloud-security/5177/evidentio-encourages-startups-to-boost-aws-security By Clare Hopping Cloud Pro June 25, 2015 Evident.io has announced a startup and small business AWS Cloud Security platform to help those without a dedicated security resource ensure their Amazon cloud infrastructure is protected. Adrian Sanabria, an analyst with 451 Research, commented: “The rise of cloud computing has enabled small businesses to grow and thrive with affordable cloud infrastructure and powerful cloud-based tools, but it’s also created unprecedented security threats.” He explained that startups often set up multiple severs in the cloud before even thinking about the security implications this has, employing a security expert or buying even basic equipment for the office. It’s this ‘cloud-first’ attitude that can get organisations into trouble when it comes to securing their systems. “The biggest risk with cloud infrastructure, especially for ‘cloud-first’ businesses, is the management plane,” he commented. […]