[ISN] All Airlines Have the Security Hole That Grounded Polish Planes

http://www.wired.com/2015/06/airlines-security-hole-grounded-polish-planes/ By Kim Zetter Security Wired.com 6.22.15 MORE THAN 10 airplanes were grounded on Sunday after hackers apparently got into computer systems responsible for issuing flight plans to pilots of Poland’s state-owned LOT airline. The apparent weak link? The flight plan-delivery protocol used by every airline. In fact, though this may be the first confirmed hack of its kind, it’s very similar to a mysterious grounding of United Airlines planes that happened last month. Yesterday, hackers breached the network at Warsaw’s Chopin airport, causing some flights to be cancelled and others to be delayed. Approximately 1,400 passengers on flights headed to Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Copenhagen, and cities in Poland were affected by the grounding. The problem was reportedly fixed after about five hours. “We’re using state-of-the-art computer systems, so this could potentially be a threat to others in the industry,” LOT spokesman Adrian Kubicki told the BBC. It’s possible that potentiality is already a reality. Last month, all United flights in the US were grounded for nearly an hour after the airline apparently experienced problems with flight plans dispatched to its pilots. […]