[ISN] {Moderators Note} Infrequent Postings of InfoSec News

As you have probably noticed, postings to InfoSec News have been rather infrequent in the last few months, and the reason is relatively straightforward, I have been happily employed for the last six months with Evident.io. Subsequently after staring at a laptop for 8-10+ hours a day, staring at it for another couple to find all the security news everyone craves is some nights pretty tiring. I am in the process of bringing on a few interns to work in the background, so keep an eye on the website and mailing list as some cool things are in the works here. Likewise, if you have Amazon Web Services in your infrastructure and are curious where your risks lay, please visit https://evident.io and if you would like a demo, please drop me an email to: my first name AT evident.io Thank you for your time and support! Sincerely, William Knowles http://www.linkedin.com/in/williamknowles