[ISN] What enterprises should do when helpless employees lose hope in fighting cyber attacks

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2926718/security-awareness/what-enterprise-should-do-when-helpless-employees-lose-hope-in-fighting-cyber-attacks.html By David Geer CSO May 28, 2015 Hit too many times with successful attacks and compromises, an enterprise’s human resources can develop a victim mentality, a.k.a. learned helplessness. When this happens, employees who feel they are helpless to do anything effective to fight cyber attacks lose hope. CSO looks at the symptoms of the victim mentality in the enterprise, how it comes about, and what enterprises can do technically and psychologically to avoid it. The victim mentality and its symptoms In the field of psychology, professionals also refer to the victim mentality as learned helplessness. “Learned Helplessness is a pattern of behaviors that develop in people when they are in a situation where they feel they have no power or control and they essentially give up,” says Steven Salmi, PhD, LP, President and CEO, Corporate Psychologists. Learned helplessness can surface in the corporate world where constant and extreme information security threats flourish. “If people feel stuck in a situation where no available choice will get them out of it, they can start to shut down,” says Salmi. […]