[ISN] Renthacker site leaks Australian buyers’ names and addresses

http://www.theage.com.au/it-pro/security-it/rentahacker-site-leaks-australian-buyers-names-and-addresses-20150529-ghca3f.html By Liam Tung and Ben Grubb The Age May 29, 2015 The cat’s out of the bag for about 60 Australians who thought they could anonymously rent a hacker from a website to do their dirty work. If you’ve used the hacker-for-hire site Hacker’s List to contract out a hack job then your name, address and the reasons why you sought a hacker are now available on the web, potentially exposing you to legal action. Hacker’s List launched last November with the assurance that “only you and your hacker for hire know the details of your project”. A New York Times report in January highlighted that people across the world, from Sweden to Australia, were using it to anonymously request hacker services. Some jobs were legal, others were clearly not, such as one from an Australian who wanted to hack a business rival’s customer database. Would-be buyers appear to have assumed that job descriptions they gave on the site couldn’t be linked to information that would reveal their identity. But last week security researcher Jonathan Mayer discovered the site was in fact leaking information that linked buyers’ names and addresses to job descriptions, which may ultimately reveal who they are and their motivation for seeking a hacker. It’s also culminated in a potentially embarrassing list that should make anyone think twice before hiring a hacker online. […]