[ISN] Korean Log-in Security Questions ‘Too Easy’

http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2015/05/22/2015052201606.html Chosun.com May 22, 2015 Internet users in Korea are notoriously more exposed to security risks than their counterparts in other countries, partly because their password hints are too easy to guess, Google analysis released Thursday shows. The search giant analyzed security questions selected by the users around the world to help them when they forget the password. According to the analysis, a majority of Korean users selected too-easy-to-guess questions like “the city where you were born” and “what’s your favorite food.” If a hacker tries 10 times to crack the password, their chances of guessing the right answer are 39 percent and 43 percent. If “Seoul” is the answer to the birthplace question, the question is no more secure than the password “1234.” […]