[ISN] RSA Hammers Home Fact That Hackers Are Winning

http://www.eweek.com/security/rsa-hammers-home-fact-that-hackers-are-winning.html By Sean Michael Kerner eWEEK.com 2015-04-27 There was a pall of darkness that hung over the RSA Conference that ran at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from April 20 to 24. Speaker after speaker, session after session, vendor booth after vendor booth, there was one overriding message that I heard time and again—the attackers are winning. The most clichéd saying of the week was that there are only two kinds of organizations—those that have been breached and those that haven’t yet discovered that they have been breached. It’s an air of defeatism that frankly I find appalling. How could the security industry with all its myriad vendors, tools and money not be succeeding in stopping attackers? Where is all the money going that enterprises are investing in security if it’s not going to stopping attackers? The near-endless drumbeat of breach disclosures in the media (and here at eWEEK we have covered our fair share of breaches) has helped to create a climate of fear, where enterprises fear that they will be the next Sony or Target, the next breach waiting to be discovered. […]