My latest Gartner research: Best Practices for Detecting and Mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats

Information security practitioners must implement specific strategic and tactical best practices to detect and mitigate advanced persistent threats and targeted malware by leveraging both existing and emerging security technologies in their security architectures. Management silos between network, edge, endpoint and data security systems can restrict an organization’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to advanced attacks. Adversaries continue to use social engineering and social networks to target sensitive roles or individuals within …

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My latest Gartner research: Forecast: Information Security, Worldwide, 2013-2019, 1Q15 Update

The information security market will grow 7.7% in revenue in 2014, with the IT security outsourcing segment recording the fastest growth — 15.2%. 1 Summary Tables Suitable for Printing 2 Pivot Table for Analysis 3 Data Structure and Definitions 4 Exchange Rates 5 Tips for Using Pivot Tables 1-1 Security Spending by Region, 2013-2019 (Millions of Dollars) 1-2 Security Spending by Segment, 2013-2019 (Millions of Dollars) 2-1 Worldwide …

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My latest Gartner research: Cool Vendors in Security Intelligence, 2015

Cool Vendors in security intelligence offer highly innovative technologies that address an organization’s demand for data-driven analytics, techniques in obfuscation and deception, and advanced detection solutions. CISOs should use this research when evaluating technology trends for planning. … ) Analysis by Avivah Litan and Lawrence Pingree Why Cool: Illusive networks offers advanced attack deception … California ( ) Analysis by Craig Lawson, Lawrence Pingree and Oliver Rochford Why Cool: TrapX Security is …

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My latest Gartner research: Cool Vendors in Security for Technology and Service Providers, 2015

When considering partnering with these Cool Vendors, TSP product managers and CMOs interested in the security space should examine their innovative security technologies. These vendors are pioneering new directions and potential opportunities in the security market.

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My latest Gartner research: Vendor Rating: Dell

After transitioning to a private company, Dell has broadened and deepened its efforts in a number of integrated technology, solution and service areas. Positive Dell transitioned to a private company in 2013. One intention of that move was to release the company from quarterly results pressure that are typical of publicly held companies to make required changes to maintain and increase its competitive capabilities, as well as increase …

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My latest Gartner research: Invest Insight: Focus on Imperva

This research looks at various segments relevant to Imperva — Web application firewalls (WAFs), data-centric audit and protection (DCAP), cloud security, and cloud access security brokers (CASBs) — to provide the reader with the ability to assess the company’s prospects. Based in Redwood Shores, California, Imperva provides hardware and software cybersecurity solutions designed to protect data and applications in the cloud and on-premises. Customers use these solutions to discover assets and risks, protect information, and comply with regulations. …

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My Latest Gartner Research:Market Share: Unified Threat Management (SMB Multifunction Firewalls), Worldwide, 2014

The unified threat management market has grown by 11.0%, from $1.5 billion in 2013, to $1.6 billion in 2014, with the strongest growth seen in Western Europe, emerging Asia/Pacific and Greater China. 1 Market Size by Segment, Worldwide, 2011-2014 2 Market Shares by Vendor, Worldwide, 2013-2014 3 Definitions 1-1 Market Size: Unified Threat Management (SMB Multifunction Firewalls), by Segment, Worldwide, 2011-2014 (Millions of Dollars) 1-2 Total Annual Growth: Unified Threat Management

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Five steps for an unbelievably green and water efficient lawn during California’s drought

Keep your lawn green this summer!

The following five steps will allow you to significantly improve your lawn while saving a tremendous amount of water use throughout the year. The following five steps only take about 30 minutes across the entire year in order to properly improve your specific situation. The simple fact is you do not need to kill off your lawn in order to save significant amounts of water and contribute to the efficiency of water use within California.

By implementing these steps I personally experienced more than 30% reduction in my water use while my neighbors stood in awe of how florescent green my lawn was. When I showed my water bill and the savings to my neighbors they were in complete disbelief because they believed they had to kill off their lawn by reducing their water use to all zero but quite in fact this is not necessary. With proper maintenance, a lawn and your entire yard needs only a fraction of a the water necessary to keep it green and beautiful when you are not properly caring for it.

Step 1. Follow the sun (and the weather).

Often, many of us pay attention to the weather in order to select the right clothing for the day. However many of us ignore the fact that our lawns also need you to adjust your care according to the weather and the amount of sun your lawn will receive. So it is important to note what the weather will be like and the temperature ranges that your lawn will be experiencing along with you during the day.

Step 2. Penetrate your soul (leverage an aerator).



This simple little tool can be used to significantly change the absorption rate of water for your lawn. Imagine that you don’t aerate your lawn, without aeration the water sits on the top layer of soil and if you have a hill or sloped lawn it rolls right off only permeating the very top quarter-inch layer of topsoil. The goal for water efficient lawn is to maintain deep penetration of water into the topsoil and the only way to perform this without overwatering is through aeration. Aeration also has other benefits such as delivering nutrients further into the soil towards the roots of your grass. This is the single most effective way to reduce water usage and it only takes five minutes with this tool found at Home Depot at the following URL:

Step 3. Renew your body (sprinkle some seed).

Re-seeding is an essential step to keeping a quality lawn. Over time and age lawn degrades and the blades of grass simply don’t have the same luster as they once had similar to humans and aging. So it is important to re-seed on a regular basis usually in the springtime. grass-seedThere are many types of seed and you should try and match the type of seed that you already have if at all possible so that you can maintain the look the you desire. For me a simple fescue mix from my local Walmart or Home Depot was sufficient to maintain my own grass in the look that I desired.

Step 4. Take some vitamins (fertilize!).

The next stephandheld-spreader after aeration is to ensure that your grass has quality nutrients delivered directly to its roots, just like our bodies need vitamins so to do grasses and other shrubs we plant our yards. A simple $10-$15 fertilizer sprinkled across your lawn is sufficient to provide nutrients for almost 6 months and significantly improve the health of your lawn and provide for a florescent green and healthy color. This step takes only minutes once every six months. Ideally you can spread fertilizer with the same handheld spreader you use for the seed.

Step 5. Adjust your clocks! (water at the right time of day).

The final step in this process is to adjust your watering habits or your watering system to accommodate our newly renovated lawn. An unhealthy lawn without these maintenance techniques requires 2 to 3 times as much water, leading guidance from common Internet sources to claim watering must be 8 to 10 minutes per day in order for the desired look. However I have found that For my environmental conditions in Northern California,  quite honestly a healthfully maintained lawn only needs one third of the amount of water across to the majority of the year with only exceeding this amount in the highest temperature period of the summer months. The best watering times for grass are during the morning hours between 4 and 5 AM allowing sufficient soak time prior to the sun rising and evaporating the moisture. For my use I also run my water in the afternoon at around 5 PM, ideally you do not want a moist soil all night long to avoid bacteria and moss growth during the evening.

This is a photo of my lawn and my bill usage graph with an over 30% reduction (year over year) in my water use. 






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